4 reasons why you should consider switching to Bluetooth Hearing Aids

If you have been wearing the same hearing aids for a while now, then it’s time for an upgrade. Book a visit to your audiologist, get a fresh hearing test* and ask them about Bluetooth hearing aids! Always go to a certified audiologist for your hearing tests. There are several good audiologists conducting hearing tests in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and other big cities across Australia.

While Bluetooth technology has been around for a long time, it has only recently been integrated with hearing aids. The standard Bluetooth chip wouldn’t last long with the hearing aid battery. To solve this problem, Apple released a low powered Made for iPhone hearing aid technology.

Google is also on track to develop their own native light energy solution. Currently, hearing aid manufacturers are producing several types of Bluetooth hearing aids based on similar technology. And they have several benefits over the usual pair –

1.Direct connectivity The biggest advantage of Bluetooth is that your hearing aids can directly stream sound from phones, television sets, and music players! Basically, any device that has Bluetooth can be connected to your hearing aids to deliver better sound quality directly into your ear.

2.Clearer sound Several brands come with enhanced features such as speech guard or speech rescue which ensures that high-frequency sounds and sounds like ‘s’ or ‘f’ or ‘th’ are clearer. This allows the user to engage in conversations without strain. Some of these hearing aids can also be tailored to your personal listening preferences – almost like a setting which is tuned just for your ears.

3.Reduced Feedback Annoying whistling noises and sudden feedback surges can be controlled better with the help of integrated technology which many Bluetooth hearing aid manufacturers are using.

4.Apps and more There are a number of Smartphone applications which can be used along with Bluetooth enabled hearing aids – you can use your phone’s microphone to hear a person across the room, or you can use an AI assistant app to get real-time transcriptions of your phone conversations. The possibilities are endless – the technology integration is still in its infancy, and with several manufacturers, in the field, we are likely to see some exciting functionalities coming up in the next few years – fingers crossed!