Signia offers state-of-the-art hearing solutions to suit your personal preference. Whether you value discretion, style, or modernity, Signia has the perfect hearing solution for you. Not only do they process your individual acoustic environment and how you move through it as never before to provide a superior hearing experience, they also take your lifestyle into account, so you enjoy the most personalised hearing available.

Signias Latest

Silk X


Styletto X

new Styletto X combines award-winning design and rechargeability with crystal clear sound so you can always hear what matters to you.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile Rechargeable, with its small portable charger case
  • TwinPhone, transmits telephone signals directly from one hearing aid to another

Pure Charge&Go X

With the revolutionary Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids from Signia, you can move to your heart’s content and hear everything and everyone important to you in crystal-clear sound quality. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mobile Rechargeable, with its small portable charger case
  • Directional Microphones, improving speech understanding in noisy environments

Signia’s latest ‘Xperience’ technology revolutionises hearing aid therapy 

Main features of Xperience include:

Signia Xperience is the name of our revolutionary technology platform – the smart chip and operating system if you like – that drives the sound processing of our new hearing aids. Signia Xperience personalises your hearing aids to understand what really matters, so that you can always hear what matters to you.

  • Own Voice Processing – Provides the most natural own vice with uncompressed audibility for a overall natural hearing experience

  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing – Delivers natural speech understanding in noisy environments
  • Tinnitus Therapy – using 5 static noise types, this function helps to sooth the issue of tinnitus
  • Remote Control options – All Xperience hearing aids can be controlled directly via the Signia app or remote.