The company partners with hearing care professionals to support their in-clinic success by enhancing the patient experience with the best products, services and resources. Unitron becomes an extension of its customers’ teams, and differentiates itself in the industry by being highly approachable, collaborative and easy to work with.


Unitron – Discover Next

Features overview

Identifies environments as accurately as a 20-year-old

Clients can hear their best across all listening situations with 
SoundNav 3.0 and can enjoy life-enriching media with the help of MediaNav. Years of training our algorithms with machine learning means this feature can identify life’s ever-changing soundscapes just like a young, normal hearing listener would.2

More voices. Less noise

Provide clear speech, reduced noise, and overall sound quality that’s comfortably balanced in any environment with
Sound Conductor. And make the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone – even soft-spoken people – are easier to understand with our new
soft speech lift feature.

Hear speech with amazing clarity – even in noise

Address your clients’ number one need to hear better in noisy environments with SpeechPro.3 It uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and enhances it beyond what a typical hearing instrument can do. A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, was designed to help clients better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Put sounds in their place

Clients enjoy a realistic sound experience because sounds can be acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations. This is thanks to Spatial Awareness, which brings back natural localisation cues with an innovative 4 microphone strategy.