Our products & services include:

  • Free hearing checks for adults
  • Full Audiometric Assessments
  • Pediatric hearing test (4-years and up)
  • Free hearing aids for pensioners and veterans
  • Pre-employment and scuba-diving assessments
  • World’s best digital hearing aids
  • Free trials of the latest hearing aids
  • Mobile hearing clinic – home visits and industrial testing
  • Repairs, replacement parts and adjustments on all hearing aid makes and models
  • Custom earplugs, musicians earplugs & noise protection
  • Swimmers earplugs
  • And more!

Hearing Assessments

At Expert Hearing Care, we offer a range of hearing examination procedures to assess the hearing health of our clients.  What hearing assessment procedures are conducted will depend on the reason the client has come to see us.

  • Free Hearing Check:  This will only take around 15-minutes and will involve taking a quick look inside the ear canals (otoscopic inspection) followed by a shortened Air Conduction Tone Test.  If this screening reveals a problem, we will recommend a comprehensive hearing assessment.
  • Comprehensive hearing assessment:  A comprehensive hearing assessment involves a much wider range of procedures, designed to gain a much clearer view of a clients hearing health.
  • Pre-Employment Test:  Established a baseline for a person’s hearing health that can be used to monitor any changes in their hearing.
  • Dive Medicals: A requirement of scuba diving is to ensure that the ears of the diver are healthy and free from damage to the tympanic membrane.
  • Workers Compensation Assessments: We are accredited bty WorkCover WA to carry out assessment related to compensation claims pertaining to industrial (work induced) hearing loss.

Otoscopic Inspection

The Audiologist will examine the ear canal and tympanic membrane for signs of infection, perforations to the tympanic membrane, and build up of cerumen.  It can also identify potential issues of the middle ear.

Air Conduction Tone Test

The simplest testing procedure is called pure tone audiometry.  You will indicate whether you are able to hear beeps being played through headphones or earbuds.  The beeps or tones are played at different volumes and frequencies and will help to determine your hearing thresholds – the faintest volume at which you can hear tones at different frequencies.  These thresholds are plotted on an audiogram.

Bone Conduction Tone Tests

While the procedure is similar to the air conduction tone test, in Bone Conduction Tone Tests the signals are actually transmitted directly to the cochlea by placing a small vibrator on the skin where the mastoid bone is behind the ear.

Comparing the results of air conduction and bone conduction hearing levels on the audiogram can tell us a lot about where a hearing problem is originating. For example, if the Bone Conduction Tone Test reveals hearing loss to a lesser degree than the Air Conduction Tone Test, this would indicate that the patient’s hearing loss can be in part attributed to a problem in the middle ear, such as infection, fluid build-up behind the eardrum, damage to the eardrum or that the bones of the middle ear are not functioning normally.

Speech Tests

The greatest problem suffered by people with hearing loss is their ability to follow conversations. These tests determine how clearly someone can hear and interpret speech, when visible cues such as lip-reading are taken away. They usually involve using common lists of words played (or spoken) at a constant volume that is appropriate to the client’s hearing loss.

People with hearing loss often have the greatest difficulty in noisy environments, so these speech tests are also carried out with the addition of a noise stimulus.

Speech tests will also form a good baseline to determine the level of improvement that someone experiences after being treated for their hearing, whether that be the fitting of a hearing device or medical intervention.

Speech in Noise Tests

Given that people with hearing loss commonly have the greatest difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise, it makes sense that speech discrimination tests are also performed with the addition of a “noise” stimulus. This is often a ‘speech babble’ played at different volumes relative the loudness of the speech (words or phrases). The client responds by guessing the word or phrase that was spoken in the presence of background noise, and results are tallied.

Aided vs Unaided Tests

Following the fitting of a hearing device, an Audiologist will run the tests again to compare how their client is able to perform in the speech discrimination tests with the benefit of a hearing aid compared to when they are not wearing a hearing aid.

Tympanometry and Reflex Tests

Tympanometers measure the movement and flexibility of the eardrum to identify it is performing normally. Results may indicate a problem in the middle ear that can cause a conductive hearing loss.

Pediatric hearing assessment (3 years and above)

When testing children, we use a range of techniques to help them help us.  Play audiometry involves testing the child’s hearing when headphones are worn. It works the same way as pure tone audiometry (person indicates when they can hear a tone), except when the child hears a tone, they put a marble in a marble race, press a computer key or put a piece in a puzzle.

Having trouble with your hearing aid?

If you are being frustrated with a hearing aid not meeting your expectations, contact Expert Hearing Care to arrange an adjustment.  We service and repairs all makes and models of hearing aids, including Oticon, Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Widex, Sonic, Bernafon ReSound and Siemens hearing aids.

We can also arrange for the replacement of hearing aid parts that are not working and supply all of your needs for hearing aid batteries.

Custom ear plugs/noise plugs

noise-plugsEar protection is extremely important when you are exposed regularly to noise.  The best form of protection is custom fitted, noise-attenuating ear plugs which you can have fitted at Expert Hearing Care.

Swimmers ear plugs

If you swim and are affected by swimmers ear, we can make you some custom fitted earplugs and you can continue to enjoy the water unaffected.