Hearing Aids

Hearing aids not only help you hear, they also improve your sense of well-being, independence and confidence. There are various styles of hearing devices designed to suit everyone needs. They are specifically designed for certain types of hearing loss, ear shape and technological requirements.

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Hearing Loss

So you suspect you have a hearing problem. What do you do next? You get a hearing test! This first step is very easy, with our free hearing check for everyone aged 18 and over. The check will determine if you have a hearing loss and it only takes 20 minutes, best of all it won’t cost you anything.

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Professional, Independent & Affordable Hearing Care

At Expert Hearing Care, we aim to ensure that people in Perth can access the best independent, affordable and professional hearing care services. Our Hearing Aids start from $795 each for essential/basic to $3475 for advanced/premium hearing aids, Why pay more to get your hearing restored?

We have all Major Brands available. Our independence means that we can meet your specific needs with the most suitable hearing device from our range, which includes solutions from all leading manufacturers.Our range of solutions also extends beyond hearing aids to tinnitus management, hearing protection, rehabilitation and auditory training.


Government Accredited

Expert Hearing Care is government accredited to provide services and fully-subsidised hearing aids to pensioners and veterans through the Hearing Services Program run by the Australian Government. You can visit program’s website at www.hearingservices.gov.au for more information and to check eligibility for the program. We are also able to provide comprehensive hearing assessments for people who are seeking compensation as a result of hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to workplace noise.


Self-Funded Australians

We provide same level of care, service and choice to self-funded Australians as we offer to pensioners and veterans. As a government accredited provider of Hearing Services program of the Commonwealth’s Office of Hearing Services, we are governed by regulatory framework to achieve successful outcomes for all our pension (pensioner concession card holders) clients and we have kept it same for self-funded Australians. They are provided the same level of quality of care, thorough testing, validation of Hearing Aids fitting and validation of aided (hearing aids) benefit to achieve successful hearing rehabilitation outcomes. Some of our competition only want to deal with self-funded Australians so they do not have to have same level of care, record-keeping, validation of successful fittings and documentation of successful outcomes for each and every client. We are proud to be part of Commonwealth’s Hearing Services program and strive to achieve successful outcomes for all our clients (pensioners and self-funded Australians) with thorough testing, providing informed choice and validation of fittings and measuring of aided benefit.

We also provide substantial discounts to self-funded Australians and make sure that range of hearing devices options, styles, technology and features vs benefits are discussed and then recommended and fitted best hearing aids as per the needs of the individual and audiogram and speech tests results (test results) and focus is only on one main criteria that prescribed hearing devices should do the job rather than focusing what they can afford. We would never fit or recommend a hearing device which won’t cater to your listening needs and all our devices come with 60 days money back guarantee rather than industry standard 30 days trial or no trials at all in some cases as we consider that 60 days should give enough time to adjust to new devices and test them in variety of listening situations as we stand by with our recommendations and fitting methods.

Good NEWS for Self-Funded Australians

With the introduction of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for the first time, Australians between 26 and 64 of age with permanent hearing loss may become eligible for funded assistance. Trials of the NDIS started in pockets of Australia in 2013 but national roll-out begins on 1 July, 2016. Eligible people can sign up as the NDIS is rolled out in their area. (see www.ndis.gov.au for your area). Please call us on (08) 9375 9977 to get more information or to check your eligibility.


✔ Free hearing checks for adults ✔ World’s best digital hearing aids 
✔ Full audiometric assessments ✔ Free trials of the latest hearing aids 
✔ Fully-Subsidised hearing aids for pensioners and veterans Tinnitus
✔ Pre-employment and scuba-diving assessments ✔ Discounts for WA Seniors Card Holders
✔ Latest Digital Hearing Aids Wax Removals

Address your hearing loss today!

We are here to help if you are experiencing hearing difficulties. We offer FREE Hearing Checks and a range of services to help you get more out of life. If you have any general enquiries, please call (08) 9375 9977 or use the contact form found here.