If your hearing loss is in both ears, then wearing two hearing instruments is the best way to hear most naturally.

Ability to locate sound

Sounds in your environment reach the closest ear a fraction of a second faster (and at a slightly higher intensity) than they reach the ear that’s further away. This tiny difference is communicated to your brain, which then determines where the sound is coming from and how far away it is. This also has implications for personal safety.
More natural and comfortable

The human auditory system is designed to pick up sound signals using both ears. Many people also find that listening with two ears is easier than listening with one, because you don’t have to strain to hear with your “good” ear.

Better hearing in noise

People with hearing loss find it especially difficult to follow conversations in noisy environments. When you take away the function of one ear it becomes almost impossible. That’s because your brain needs input from both ears in order to separate sounds effectively. With two hearing instruments, your capacity to suppress unwanted background noise is improved, making it easier to hear conversations.