Wearers increasingly enjoy hearing aids that offer great clarity when used with other devices, such as mobile phones, digital radio, plasma televisions, and personal music players. With wirelessly connected hearing aids, the signal from the paired device is played directly into the hearing aid, turning the device into a wireless earphone, via Bluetooth or 2.4 gHz technology. The benefit is that this offers exceptional clarity.

Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn is major step forward in hearing aid technology – ground breaking in fact. While we have placed it here under the category of “Best for Wireless Connectivity”, as more users take up the solution and we witness more users trial the Opn device, it may prove itself as the world’s most advanced hearing aid.

While wireless hearing aids have typically required the use of “third-party” accessories that connect the hearing aid, Oticon Opn connects directly to a user’s iPhone, iPod and iPad. Therefore users can stream music and telephone calls directly into their hearing aids, using an Oticon ON App on their smartphone. This app is also available for Android, and also allows users to adjust volume and choose what they want to, and don’t want to, hear.


  • Many colour choices.
  • Currently only available at the premium level and in the mBTE form factor.

Key Technologies

  • OpenSound Navigator focuses on important sounds that users want to hear all around them, such as voices and music, while removing distracting background noise. This a significant leap forward from hearing aids that focused on a narrow focus on sounds coming from the direction the user is facing.
  • Spatial Sound LX helps users locate the source of sound through communication between the hearing aids.
  • OpenSound Navigator picks out speech, identifies noise, and then acts at a rate of 100 times every second to remove excessive noise.
  • SpeechGuard LX improves speech understanding in noise and makes it easier for you to follow conversations.
  • Soft Speech Booster LX improves speech understanding up to 20%, without turning up the volume.
  • YouMatic LX allows you to have sound tailored to your personal listening preferences and needs. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to adapt to a new, enriched sound and gives you a more natural listening experience.
  • Clear Dynamics ensures better sound quality with less distortion in loud environments.

Optional Extras

  • TV & Audio Adapter turns your hearing aids into headphones.
  • Remote Control adjusts volume and change programs – if you don’t have a smartphone.
  • ConnectClip turns your hearing aids into a hands-free mobile handset.

Downloads & Links

Brochure Oticon Opn website