Hearing test in Perth WA – Essential to deal with hear loss condition

Hearing Test Perth

Hearing – one of the five basic senses of the human body lets you listen to all types of sounds around you with ease. Imagining life without this sensitive sense is beyond doubt painful. But for many, this pain is a part of their life. Let’s know some facts:

Hearing Test Perth

Stats on hearing loss

  • Around 466 million people, which accounts for 5% of the world’s total population, are suffering from disabling hearing loss.
  • This population includes 34 million children.
  • Talking about Australia alone, 1 in every 6 persons has hearing loss problem.

All these stats opine the need to visit your ear care professional for hearing testing in Perth WA immediately.

Defining disabling hearing loss

As per experts, adults having hear loss of above 40 decibels (dB) in the ear that works better, have disabling hear loss. For children, this limit is set to 30 decibels (dB).

Causes for hearing loss

Many reasons could account for this defect, for instance:

  • Congenital reasons like low birth rate, birth asphyxia, etc.
  • Diseases like chronic ear infections, measles, meningitis, etc.
  • Excessive exposure to noise
  • Side effect of medications taken during TB, malaria, cancers, etc.
  • Chronic otitis media among children
  • Ageing factor among adults.

Whatever be the reason, this condition hampers the patients’ communication ability badly hence compelling them to live a comprised life. The affected ones may face functional, economic, social, emotional turmoil in their life.


Testing for hearing loss

Prevention is always better than cure and this is why you should approach an experienced ENT specialist if you feel any hearing discomfort. The expert will perform the audiometric test, which constitutes an important part of the complete evaluation of hearing health.

After measuring your ability to respond to sound through hearing test in this part of Western Australia, he can suggest ideal solution. For instance, he may ask you to use digital hearing aids, or use some medication etc.


What about your status?

Do you listen good enough or are experiencing flaws? In case your answer is yes, make sure to visit an expert professional for proper hearing testing Perth WA today.