Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-owned and operated company founded in 1967 and based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It is the only American-owned major hearing aid manufacturer in the world and is the largest hearing aid manufacturer in the U.S.

Starkey Features Overview – 2016 product portfolio

Premium 2400 – Muse, Halo2, Soundlens Synergy IIC – 24 channels, 10 kHz bandwidth, multi-channel adaptive, acuity voice – comfort in noise (up to 20dB), directionality plus, acuity binaural imaging

Advanced 2000 – Muse, Halo2, Soundlens Synergy IIC – 20 channels, 10 kHz bandwidth, multi-channel adaptive, acuity voice – comfort in noise (up to 8dB), directionality plus, acuity binaural imaging

Standard 1600 – Muse, Halo2, Soundlens Synergy IIC – 16 channels, 10kHz bandwidth, multi-channel adaptive, acuity voice – comfort in noise (up to 6dB), directionality plus, acuity binaural imaging

Essential 1200 – Muse only (BTE 312 and micro RIC 312, custom – ITE, ITC, CIC) – 12 channels, 8 kHz bandwidth, multi-channel adaptive, acuity voice – comfort in noise (up to 6dB), no acuity binaural imaging

Basic 1000 – Muse only (BTE 312, custom – ITE, ITC, CIC) – 10 channels, 8 kHz bandwidth, automatic DM (InVision automatic), acuity voice – comfort in noise (up to 6dB), non-wireless (only RC available), no acuity binaural imaging, Synergy/Acuity OS overview

Acuity binaural imaging – ear to ear communication, collaborative decision making

Acuity lifescape analyser – seven automated sound classes: music, speech, speech in noise, industrial noise and quiet. Handles multiple environments simultaneously – up to seven automated sound classes: music, speech, speech in noise, machine noise, wind noise, quiet.

Acuity speech optimisation – combines speech audibility and overall comfort through compression, multi segmented compression, expanded channels, extended bandwidth high frequency cues available.

Acuity directionality – improves speech detection in difficult listening situations, up to 6dB speech enhancement even when someone talking from behind the wearer, adaptive, multi channel system using independent null steering to preserve speech, Uses Speech ID to get up to 6dB of speech enhancement, binaural processing.

Acuity voice – provides optimal audibility for speech, two part algorithm using dynamic voice identification, spectral noise control – per channel basis, up to 20dB of noise reduction, applies noise adaptation in all channels, runs in parallel with lifescape analyser.

Music enhancement – focuses on music enjoyment, desired loudness and sound quality

900sync – Ear to ear phone streaming

Speech shift – frequency transposition – in all levels

Multiflex Tinnitus technology – in all levels

BICROS/CROS system available in 1600, 2000, 2400 in Muse BTE and RIC

Quad core twin compressor: 5 times the processing power of previous platforms, up to 24 channels, peak input up to 110dB, small electronic packaging (smallest most discreet aid on the market), allows music to sound richer and fuller

Halo 2 – made for iPhone, RIC 13, Trulink app – sound space, RC, TruLink memories, TruLink Adaptive car mode, find my hearing aid, 2.5GHz wireless platform, Android compatible

Muse – wireless RICs that have a quad core twin compressor technology

Soundlens Synergy IIC – no directionality, acuity binaural imaging (not directionality) and ear to ear phone streaming and wireless SurfLink accessories in premium only. Smallest IIC on market.

SurfLink accessories

SurfLink remote – VC, programs, control streaming when used with Media 2

Mobile 2 – stream mobile phone and media devices, pair with remote mic, and RC

Media 2 – paired with Muse HA’s, no bridge needed – stream media device directly to HA’s (Muse only and Sound Lens premium)

Remote mic – aid in one on one covo in BGN

TruLink app

Phone calls – hear convo in both aids – Apple only

Sound Space – adjust sound to specific setting – save preferences in different situations as TruLink

Remote control – change volume and programs using app

TruLink memories – up to 20 memories, geotag memories using in built GPS – recognises where you are and automatically adjusts aids when enter that space.

Audio streaming – stream phone calls and media from phone – Apple only

Adaptive car mode – automatically change setting of aids to enhance listening in car – reduce annoying sounds when driving

Live Microphone – record, play back and email audio, use phone as a mic – set iPhone up nearby and stream convo – used with Apple only

Siri Integration – Siri will read texts and emails direct to aids

Find my HA’s – uses signal detector to send location and time stamp to where aids are.

Apple Watch compatible – VC, change programs, mute aids.