Experience Superior Listening with Expert Hearing Care’s Deep Canal Hearing Aids
Deep canal hearing aids are the most discrete and sophisticated hearing aids yet. They are so small and comfortable, you can almost forget you’re wearing a hearing instrument!

Hearing and Aesthetics Benefits

With improvements in shell design, audio technology and component miniaturization, deep canal hearing aids are incredibly small in size and virtually undetectable. They sit deep inside the ear – beyond the first bend of ear canal and are positioned nearer to a person’s ear drum. Their positioning provides numerous benefits such as natural directional hearing, reduced occlusion effect and noise reduction. They reduce the muffled effect or ‘echo’ that is often experienced with other hearing devices, help a person process sound in a more natural manner and enable individuals identify which direction sound is coming from.

High Performance Devices

Deep canal hearing aids, also referred to as invisible hearing aids, are custom made to fit perfectly into a patient’s ear canal. They provide a natural hearing experience and are very comfortable and easy to use. They automatically adapt to changing sound environments which means that users do not require to manually control them. Other devices such as mobiles, headphones or sunglasses do not obstruct or hinder their performance in any way and an individual can carry on with all activities normally and seamlessly. The only times they need to be removed is when a person is showering or sleeping and they come with a small extension cord for easy removal. Invisible hearing aids are suitable for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. They may not be ideal for patients with a narrow ear canal.

Here at Expert Hearing Care, we supply invisible hearing aids from major brands including Starkey. If you would like to know more about these devices or avail a free trial, call us for a consultation.