Do you have hearing aid payment plans?

Yes we do. If you decide that you want hearing aids we offer a payment plan as long as you meet the criteria. Ask at your appointment for more information.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Eftpos and direct debit (needs to be cleared before hearing aids can be delivered). Payment plans are also available.

Do you offer a trial period or money back guarantee?
  • Free no obligation trials are available. Ask us about our Flex Trial devices from Unitron. These hearing aids are able to be set to whichever technology level you wish to trial and then you take them home for a week or two to test them out. Once you have tested them you are able to decide if you would like to purchase your chosen technology level.
  • We have a 30 day money back guarantee with all hearing aid purchases. This is an important time to allow you to adapt to the hearing aids and smooth out any issues. We will see you at least once in this period to ensure you are managing well with them and are happy with your new purchase.  If you are not happy it is important to come see us to discuss the issues and if you need to we will swap your devices for a different pair or refund your money in full without any hassel. This means you do pay for the hearing aids when you receive them, but you have up to 60 days to change your mind. During these 60 days you can swap to a different hearing aid brand or model, without penalty. In the event of an exchange, you only have to pay or get refunded the difference between the two models plus you get another 60 days with the new model.
Are you contracted to provide hearing services to pensioners?

Yes, we are. Please ask our friendly receptionist for information over the phone or in our clinic. You will need to have a current Australian Pensioner card with you when you enquire. The process is very easy to apply for free services, our reception staff will handle it for you in just 5 minutes.

Do you provide services to non-pensioners?

Yes, we do. Whether you have private health insurance or not, we can help you. We have very competitive rates for assessments and hearing aids. We offer free 15 minute hearing screenings with one of our clinicians so you can find out if you have a hearing loss and discuss any concerns you have.

Are you able to offer a diverse range of hearing devices?

Yes, we can select from any of the hearing aid brands available to the Australian market. We are independantly owned and therefore we can select the hearing aids that will suit you the best without any bias. Many companies are owned by a hearing aid manufacturer and will only provide you with hearing aids from that manufacturer. This is one of our main points of difference with the large chain hearing companies.

How are hearing aids selected for me?

It is improtant that we do a full hearing assessment which will diagnose your hearing loss and steer us towards the kind of hearing aids that will suit you best. It is definately not one size fits all, everyone has different goals they want to achieve and preferences. We will go through your options and explain everything clearly to you so that you will make an informed choice. We are not pushy or focused on sales targets, so you can take your time in making your decision.

Can hearing aids be claimed through tax?

As of 2013 the government changed the rules regarding hearing aids and claiming a tax offset. It is best to discuss this possiblity with the ATO or your accountant as an offset is only provided in a few select cases.

What support do I get if my hearing aids break-down?

We will train you how to do all minor troubleshooting yourself at home so it will save you a trip when the issue can be resolved quickly. It is improtant to take care of the devices by reguraly wiping them to remove wax and changing the filters (some models have a wax filter). You are also welcome to drop by and our receptionist will be able to do these things for you if you prefer.

We tend to recall all our hearing aid clients for a hearing aid check every six months to catch and correct any problems before they become larger issues. We are just a phone call or email away and we are always happy to help any of our clients no matter how trivial the hearing aid issue might seem.

In the rare event that a major fault has been identified while the hearing aid is under warranty, we will send the hearing aid, at our expense, to the hearing aid manufacturer to be repaired. Repairs out of warranty may carry a repair fee. We endeavour to have available for use a loan hearing aid while yours is away for repair. Most hearing aid repairs take under two weeks to return to us from the date they were sent.

If you want to know more information please ask us at your appointment and we are happy to answer your questions more thoroughly.

Do I need to get insurance for my hearing aids?

Unless you are a pensioner and have purchased the fully subsidised hearing aids through the Office of Hearing Services, it is a good idea to get insurance.

Hearing aid insurance is highly recommended as they are an important investment in your quality of life. Insurance gives you the freedom to use the hearing aids when and where you choose with absolute peace of mind.

You can obtain insurance for your hearing aids through your home and contents insurer. You need to make sure that if you use your own regular insurer that you specify the hearing aids for use in and outside the home and that the insurance is comprehensive for all eventualities.

As always, it pays to shop around to get the best deal.

How much am I going to pay for hearing aids?

We provide quotes for the aids most suited to you after we have conducted a full hearing assessment to diagnose your hearing loss. To make things simple we will ask you what your communication goals are, then go through all the options for the features of the aids which will suit you. It is entirely your choice as to which price levels you want to discuss. We recommend that you go for the best aids you can afford to improve your lifestyle.

For private clients our price ranges start at $995 each for the basic range of devices and then it  increases incrementally into 5 higher price levels.

For pension card holders there are free basic devices available through the Office of Hearing Services or you can ‘top-up’ to a better level of technology by contributing towards the cost.

There are always options for payment plans and if you have private health insurance you may be entitled to a rebate.