Hearing Aids That Sit Deep Within

Are you considering buying a hearing aid but uncomfortable at the thought of it showing? Well, when you start looking, you will soon realise that there are way too many options. Among these options are the deep canal hearing aids. These hearing aids do not need external tubes or wires and sit completely in the ear canal to amplify sounds in those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

They consist of a case that is custom made to fit the shape of the ear canal. These cases contain all the necessary electronics to make your hearing experience as clear as possible, without all the unnecessary disturbances.

What Are Your Choices? Technology has helped in constantly evolving these hearing aids to better suit today’s lifestyles. You may consider completely-in-canal (CIC) or the invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids if you don’t want your aid to show. Both of these types are custom made to fit deep inside the ear canal, hidden in the contours of the ear. IIC hearing aids are placed deeper at the second bend of the ear canal and nearest to the ear drum.

The deep canal hearing aids can significantly reduce the sensation of occlusion and keep out the wind noise. On the negative side, small hearing aids make it difficult for some to handle and adjust, and also means there will be frequent battery changes. They are also susceptible to ear wax clogging the speaker and are more expensive due to their custom fitting. Don’t stop wearing them knowing the many benefits of deep canal hearing aids, and having invested in them, make it a point to continue using them. Do not neglect and keep them only for certain occasions as it is not always about you. The fact that you can hear better makes it easier for your family and friends to communicate and socialise with you better. If for some reason, they are uncomfortable or have become ineffective, contact the service centre and have the problem rectified.