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5 Signs You Should Have Your Hearing Tested

Hearing loss is a common problem that affects people, as they grow older. This may be caused due to gradual changes in the middle ear or inner ear or changes along the nerves pathways from ears to the brain. Besides these, continuous exposure to loud noise, heart disease or diabetes and loss of hair cells in the inner ear may also cause age-related hearing loss.

Also known as Presbycusis, scientists have still to find ways to prevent age-related hearing loss altogether. However, protecting your ears from regular exposure to loud noise, avoiding those places, wearing ear buds and getting a periodic check-up of hearing health from certified and experienced audiologists are some of the important steps one can take to prevent hearing loss in adults.

Expert Hearing Care is a leading government accredited ENT clinic in Perth that provides comprehensive hearing care services and hearing aids at an affordable cost. The clinic provides free hearing tests for seniors, pensioners and veterans and helps them get free from all hearing woes.

With a team of well-qualified and experienced audiologists, the clinic provides counselling, rehabilitation, tinnitus management, high-quality hearing aids and custom earplugs and noise protection devices.

As it is an independent clinic not founded by any hearing aid manufacturer, Expert Hearing Care provides branded hearing aids from Australia’s renowned manufacturers and is committed to improving the quality of life of its patients by providing them expert services.

People in Perth can easily book an appointment with the doctors and get a free hearing assessment and an array of hearing care services from the clinic.

Whether you or any of your family members suffer from hissing or ringing sound in ears (tinnitus) or you want to get the best hearing aid for your temporary or permanent hearing loss, Expert Hearing Care is a one-stop clinic for your hearing problems. Pensioners and old age people can avail free hearing test for seniors and they may get free hearing aids through the OHS voucher scheme.

People in Perth experiencing any hearing problem should seek experts’ advice and get quality services from the clinic that will enable them to maintain sound hearing health. Feel free to contact our expert by calling us on +61 8 9375 9977 or mail us by filling a simple form that can be accessed by clicking on the link . You can visit us online for more information and services at