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Tinnitus is an intractable dysfunction of the auditory system in which the patients hear a loud ringing, hissing or roaring sound without any exposure to noise. The sound as perceived by the patients in one ear or both the ears is usually constant that makes a devastating effect on the quality of their lives or may be intermittent with a low or high pitch.

With almost 8 million of Australian population projected to be suffering from hearing loss in 2050, and over 30 percent of these people suffering from tinnitus, getting proactive treatment and services from experts of leading hearing care clinics makes a great sense. As there are varying causes of tinnitus and no any absolute cure of it, hence doctors suggest a multi-pronged approach to reduce the negative effects of tinnitus and manage the tinnitus without letting it disturb the day-to-day life and deteriorate the quality of lives.

Expert Hearing Care is a leading hearing care clinic in Perth that provides the best quality hearing aids for tinnitus management to patients in this part of Australia. Based on the comprehensive hearing tests and potential causes of tinnitus, the experienced audiologists of the clinic provides personalized guidance and tinnitus management services employing a multi-disciplinary approach. They may suggest tinnitus patients use therapeutic noise generator or go for cognitive behaviour therapy that helps people learn new responses to the tinnitus thereby reducing the negativity and the impact of tinnitus on their lives.

Most of the tinnitus patients get relief by using suitable digital hearing aids for tinnitus that amplify the environmental sound and minimises the perception and effect of tinnitus besides enhancing the listening and communication abilities of the patients.

The expert audiologists of the clinic provide the best and comprehensive hearing care solutions and services to people. Founded in 2012 by Amit Sahni the clinic makes it easy for people with hearing loss or ear problems avail hearing care services that greatly improve the quality of their lives.

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