Say Goodbye to All Your Hearing Woes by Getting Expert Care and Solution

Girl experiencing tinnitus in Perth

Ringing in ears or hearing a hissing sound from inside when there is no external sound produced is called tinnitus. Many people suffering from it complain of a never-ending sound that can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable. There can be many potential causes of tinnitus but its effective cure is still to be found by researchers. Some of the causes include prolong exposure to high decibel sound like in industries or factories, hearing loss caused due to trauma, stress and smoking, alcohol and presence of earwax.

When it comes to alleviating the problem of tinnitus then getting the help of a hearing expert is essential. This enables you to understand the underlying cause of the problem, the frequency of tinnitus sound and its effects and getting the most suitable treatment or solution for effective management of the condition.

Expert Hearing Care is an independently owned premier hearing specialist that provides an array of hearing services to people in Perth and other parts of Australia. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive hearing test or desire to procure the world’s best digital hearing aids for tinnitus at a discounted cost, you can rely on the committed folks of Expert Hearing Care.

Established in 2012 by Amit Sahni, the Perth-based clinic provides the best solutions for tinnitus management, rehabilitation, hearing protection and auditory training. The clinic is committed to improve the quality of life of hearing disabled persons through innovative devices and dedicated hearing care and services.

What makes this clinic as a reliable hearing care service provider is its commitment to quality facilitating its client get the best treatment and procure modern hearing solutions at a lower cost than the market.

Being government accredited the clinic provides services and digital hearing aids for tinnitus free to pensioners and veterans under OHS scheme. The clinic has five branches at Morley, Joondalup, Applecross, Warnbro, & Mosman Park and makes it easy for people to avail excellent hearing care services by experts at an affordable cost in a friendly environment.

Regardless of your age and hearing problem, you can book an appointment simply by filling a contact form at or make a call on 08 9375 9977. For more information and services, feel free to visit us online at