Get comprehensive hearing care services from a renowned clinic in Perth

Ears like other parts of the body require proper care and maintenance. As they help in listening sounds of various frequencies and understanding speeches, any negligence on one’s part may cause hearing loss. Any kind of hearing impairment can affect the quality of life of a person. Thanks to ear specialists, ENT doctors and audiologists who help people restore their normal hearing or resolve the hearing loss problems by fitting premium quality hearing aids.

Branded hearing aids manufacturers own most of the hearing care clinics in Perth or they form an important part of a global hearing care network. Expert Hearing Care is an independent hearing care clinic based in Perth that provides comprehensive and affordable hearing care to all its patients.

Founded by Amit Sahni in 2012 with the mission to bring the latest and innovative hearing devices from renowned manufacturers and provide professional hearing care services to all, the clinic has made a mark of its own in few years. The clinic provides premium hearing aids at a pocket friendly price. Besides providing hearing aids, the clinic also offers tinnitus management, hearing protection, rehabilitation and auditory training.

If you are a pensioner or a veteran looking for complete and affordable hearing care services or free hearing aids then you can rely on the government assisted Expert Hearing Care. Self-funded retirees in Australia can also avail the highest level of quality hearing care, comprehensive testing, fitting of suitable Hearing Aids and enabling users gain the most from the hearing rehabilitation.

With a team of certified and experienced audiologists, Expert Hearing Care is committed to improve the quality of life of people in Perth by providing the best quality hearing care and comprehensive hearing aids fittings. The clinic caters to the hearing needs of a large number of people through its five branches located in different parts of Perth.

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