Three Things to Know Before You Get Tinnitus Treatment with Hearing Aids

Is tinnitus making your life unbearable? If the problem is related to hearing loss, hearing aids for tinnitus can be beneficial on a number of levels.

When to Seek Treatment

Tinnitus is the experience of hearing sounds such as ringing, buzzing, and roaring or even the sound of crickets in one or both ears when there is no external source. For some people, tinnitus comes and goes while for others it remains constant. There are many causes for tinnitus including hearing loss, high stress levels, exposure to loud noises and ear or head damage. When tinnitus is audible enough to affect your life and is leading to problems such as concentration difficulties, difficulties in relaxing or get proper sleep, it’s time to seek treatment.

Benefits of Tinnitus Hearing Aids

Evidence shows that hearing aids for tinnitus significantly reduce distress if the problem is due to hearing loss. Well-fitting hearing aids help in better hearing, assist with communication and also reduce the strain or fatigue associated with intensive listening. They magnify low level background sound and help reduce the awareness of tinnitus sound. There are many different styles and types of hearing aids with specific features to address different hearing losses and patient requirements. You will also find devices that provide the benefits of a noise generator and hearing aid.

Assessment by Qualified Audiologist

Before recommending hearing aids for tinnitus based on your needs and preferences, a reliable hearing clinic will have a qualified audiologist assess your hearing. A good starting point to see if you have hearing problems is to avail a free screening and then move on to a full diagnostic hearing assessment. It’s better to go to a reputed independent hearing clinic that offers a large selection of hearing aids from leading brands. Pensioners and veterans can avail government sponsored funding provided they are eligible for it.

Why suffer with tinnitus when successful treatment is possible? Make an appointment today and have your hearing assessed!