Looking for an ear checkup in Perth?

Hearing practitioners have various tests that they perform to test the hearing of an individual. Here are some most common ways of ear testing Perth.

Tests for Newborns

Hearing loss in newborns is tested using a simple, painless test called the automated otoacoustic emissions (AOAE) test. An ear piece having a tiny microphone and loudspeaker is placed in the newborn’s ear. Clicking sounds are made by the loudspeaker which are then passed to the fluid filled chamber of the ear called the cochlea. A normally functioning cochlea then sends a sound back to the ear canal which is detected by the microphone. This ear testing Perth is very sensitive and can detect even a slight hearing loss.

Tests for Babies and Young Children

This ear testing Perth is called visual reinforcement audiometry. Sounds are played through speakers in a sound proof testing room. When the child hears the sound and turns toward it, a visual reward such as flashing lights is given to the child. The child’s hearing is assessed by seeing if they respond to different types of sound.

Tests for Older Children and Adults

This type of ear testing Perth is called pure tone audiometry. An audiometer is used to play a series of sounds that vary in terms of pitch and loudness. The child or adult is made to wear headphones and has to raise their hand or press a button when they hear a tone. The person conducting the test will raise or lower the volume of the sound and record observations. An audio-gram, which is a special graph is used to show. the pattern of hear loss.