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The World Health Organization recently warned that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss due to dangerous levels of noise – in their earbuds and at entertainment venues. In fact, hearing loss among teens has already increased about 30% since the 80’s and 90’s.

Many experts say that the best way to protect your hearing is to be mindful of your listening experience. The best way to protect your ears is to obey “60/60” rule – keeping the volume of a device under 60% of the maximum volume for a maximum of 60 minutes a day.

An example of this is when you go to the gym. There may be an exercise class, weights clanging together and machines in use. During that time you may be tempted to turn up the music to drown all of that background noise out and focus.

It’s easy to see how anyone can absentmindedly increase the volume too loud. Luckily, there are different options available to help. One is to purchase over-the-ear style headphones that have noise cancelling technology. Another is to invest in custom made ear plugs that block out most noise and allow users to listen to audio at much lower levels.