Just a note to anyone thinking of sorting out their hearing problem.. I am 53 and have had a hearing problem for many years that deteriorated to the stage I had to do something!! I went to a audiologist who told I was very deaf (lol) and she recommended some aids @ around $4500 I said that was pretty expensive so she said I could get by with the  not so good ones @ around $2500 and she continued on to make my next appointments for fitting etc. I told her I would think on my options and get back to her. That night I wasn’t comfortable with my advice and searched the net and found EXPERT hearing offering to let you trial the aids before you buy – no obligation!!  after a couple of emails/phone conversations I met up with Amit Sahni in Woodvale and on that day (after he also confirmed I was quite deaf) he fitted me with some basic aids and I left the clinic  without any money exchange and an appointment for next week to see how I went. 1 week later I returned and after he tweaked the settings on the aids he said try again c u next week 🙂 these worked wonders!! He quoted me on the same aids as I had been recommended and was much cheaper.. but sold me another brand with the same warranty etc. for $2000 so I ordered my aids and had them fitted the following week and I am real pleased with the result. Takes a little getting used to but I can contact Amit anytime if I have any problems and I would. because he was very easy to talk with and took his time and seemed to understand that this was a big step to actually do something about my hearing. Hopefully I wont need an audiologist in a hurry but when I do I will return to see Amit for sure. Thanks Amit 🙂

Debbie Thomas / Two Rocks

Amit Sahni is an Audiologist I consulted recently, together with my wife because of our increasing deafness. We found him to be completely professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He made us feel completely at ease and the consultation resulted in our acquiring two pairs of aids, different but each satisfying our individual needs and benefiting our hearing more that I expected in view of my previous experience with similar aids. In short we were both very impressed with his performance and I have recommended him to other prospective patients.

Kenneth Mackenzie , Mandurah Forum / FRCS ( London ) ENT,. FRACS.

Dear Mr Amit Sahni

I want to say a very big “Thank You” for the kindness and the professional way you dealt with the fitting of my hearing aids. It has not been an easy task for you as I was having chemotherapy treatment at the same time and I had to refer back to you many times to sort our problems my chemo caused. You dealt with these in a most kind and understanding way while at the same time being the professional that you are and maintaining a kindly humour that put me completely at ease.

Thank you once again and I certainly would and already have referred you to others who would need hearing aids.

Yours thankfully

A.H. (Antoinette) Hogg / Woodvale 6026

I would like to thank Expert Hearing Care in Joondalup for assisting my elderly Mum to get the right hearing aid. The personal attention and service they provide is extraordinary. After a free trial my Mum decided on a free hearing device provided under the government Hearing Services Program. The device meets all her hearing needs and is hardly visible. We had a very bad experience with another hearing service provider who was trying to push us into buying a “better” device for over $1,500 without giving us an option to trial it. In contrast, Expert Hearing Care provided excellent services with integrity.

Danuta / Applecross WA

Claire Chandler, the audiologist at Joondalup Expert Hearing Care changed my life forever. If ever you want to experience an expert business model and professional staff, this is the place to go. From the very beginning, engaging with Expert Hearing Care is made very easy by simply walking in and conducting your own hearing test while assistance is easily accessible.  Then if identified you are in need of hearing assistance Claire will happily arrange a formal appointment and conduct further investigations to determine your hearing capability and needs. Once identified she will provide you with multiple solutions for you to pick from and even provide a payment plan that suits. Even the follow up service after you receive your new hearing capability is first rate. I personally encourage anyone to visit Joondalup Expert Hearing Care for a check-up, its Life Changing.

Alan Alford / Joondalup

I François Carbonell have had hearing problem for many years until now. I had the good fortune to meet Shelley at Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre, passing by your clinic, The young and lovely lady Shelley, who ask me if I would take a few minutes to test my hearing knowing they were very bad, from then onward, I made a appointment, where I met the lovely Claire, and after all the test, the result were poor for my hearing. Having a test with the hearing aid I though a miracle happen to me, hearing better and all the sounds I couldn’t hear before, wonderful. Those two ladies Shelley, and Claire has been so helpful. Many thanks to you ladies from the bottom of my heart. I have found couple friends which I did recommended to go to your clinic in Joondalup and experience the miracle to hear again. Many thanks again Shelley and Claire.

Francois Carbonel / Ellenbrook

I have been a customer of Expert Hearing Joondalup for the past 6 months having first received a hearing aid for my left ear and, more recently, another one for my right ear and my experience throughout has been extremely positive. Sam and the reception staff are always friendly, efficient and professional and I have been very happy with the advice and service I have received. Luckily for me my hearing aids have worked perfectly from day one, but Expert Hearing offer free consultations after purchase to make sure you are happy. They also price match, offer free 3 monthly services  and I received a year’s worth of batteries with my purchase.

Ian MacDonald / Connolly WA

To Sam and Sam at Joondalup, thank you for your patience, tolerance and friendly faces. It was worth the wait. Love my app and new hearing aid that finally fits.

Margaret-Ann Kerr / Woodridge WA

I would highly recommend Amit Sahni and Expert Hearing Care for all your hearing needs.

JW / Applecross